Careers at NSX

A wide range of exciting opportunities, from outdoor adventure careers to finance, marketing and operations at head office

Careers at NSX

A wide range of exciting opportunities, from outdoor adventure careers to finance, marketing and operations at head office

Regardless of which area you work in, NSX is a dynamic, motivated and growing company run by people with valuable industry knowledge and expertise. Aside from that, we are also human and really care about young individuals having the opportunity to travel the world, gaining new experiences and memories to take with them through life.

Working for us is not necessarily about qualifications or even experience (although that is a bonus). It is more about having the right passion, motivation, confidence, and determination to do the type of work in the division you choose.

What are we looking for?

If you are looking for a relaxed, sociable but professional working environment, then we are the company you want to work for. We are a family here and we work together as a team to provide an individual experience to everyone of our customers, whether they be a student, a parent or an agent. We don’t want to be a big organisation where our bookings are just invoice numbers, we want our customers to be able to put a name to a face and a face to a name, and customer service and student experience is our top priority.

Outdoor Adventure Camps

We are one of the largest independent outdoor adventure providers in England and hold a LoTC badge. We offer various activity programmes to a range of customers, from UK-based Primary Schools and NCS groups to international students and schools.

Our outdoor adventure and activity provision includes archery, quad biking, water activities such as raft building, kayaking and canoeing and roped activities such as climbing, abseiling and crate climbing.

Careers in Outdoor Adventure open annually for our ‘extended season’ from February to October. We are keen to hold on to great staff, therefore we offer National Governing Body qualifications and career progression. Temporary outdoor adventure positions during the summer season are also available from June to August.

Summer Camp Jobs

Our peak season is from June to August, when all our Camps are open and running. During this time we employ over 100+ additional members of staff to deliver the highest quality NSX experience to our customers.

Positions include Activity Instructors, EFL teachers, Camp Leaders and Camp management. We provide full training in June before our camps open for all staff which covers everything from safeguarding, health and safety and first aid to job specific training such as the Xplore English language learning syllabus, activity and excursion delivery.

These positions are perfect for University students or qualified teachers looking for seasonal work or work experience during the summer holidays.


NSX teachers are responsible for applying the NSX syllabus to their own lesson plans, and delivering vibrant and engaging English classes to students. EFL teachers are employed throughout the year to deliver EFL lessons to students coming to Xplore on either a Group Residential Mini-Stay or Language Camp during the spring or summer.

All teachers must be TEFL qualified as well as going on to receive our own in-house training on Xplore English language learning methods, philosophy and ethos. We also recruit one lead EFL teacher who oversees the others, reporting into our Academic Manager and Director of Studies who are both there to support all our teachers.

As teaching English forms such a large part of what we do, we are looking for motivated and passionate teachers to provide creative, imaginative and captivating lessons using our course material, while inspiring students to reach their full potential in and out of the classroom.

Careers at Head Office

NSX has offices in the UK and Germany across which the product teams for Junior Language Courses and Academic Placements work, as well as cross-company departments such as Finance, Marketing and Operations.

Product teams are responsible for sales, day-to-day running and delivery of the programmes we offer.

Departments are responsible for the specific function they serve, with qualified professionals at the helm.


We often have internship vacancies available in Head Office, these positions are often to help support full time staff during the summer but can also be available year-round. If you are interested in applying for an internship at NSX, please email your CV and covering letter to: