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Academic Year and semester Placements

NSX Education

Academic Year and semester Placements

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MyChoice placements allow agents to offer high-quality study abroad programmes to students aged between 12 and 18 looking to complete an academic study abroad placement in an authentic language environment – what sets us apart is the level of control students have on where and what they wish to study.

Agent Support

We provide our partner agents with a whole range of programme information to support selling Xplore programmes. In addition, our experienced teams are always on hand to answer any questions you or your students may have.

Select Schools

Xplore specifically selects each and every school that we place students in for their range of subjects offered and the supportive community in which they operate.

Student Support

Our best practice is having a well-prepared student, this involves sharing host family details, community information and school profiles with our agents and students prior to their placement. We also offer students the opportunity to meet others who are in the same situation during an ‘orientation’ camp. Our local teams continue to provide round-theclock support for the duration of the students’ placement and regularly submit progress reports.

MyChoice Destinations:

England - State School with Homestay
Boarding School - Boarding plus Sports
Ireland - State School with Homestay
Germany - Public School with Homestay
USA - F-1 Placement with Homestay

Our MyChoice Programme Managers

England & Ireland: Emma Rogers: emma.rogers@xploretheworld.com
Germany: Kerstin Weitenhagen: kerstin.weitenhagen@xplorefoundation.de
USA: Cené Kurtchi: cene.kurtchi@xploretheworld.com