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Language course and English Summer camps

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Language course and English Summer camps

Our English summer camps or ‘language activity camps’ are the perfect place for 8 to 17 year olds to independently experience meeting and making new friends with other children and teenagers from around the world. For the past 7 years, we have consistently welcomed approximately 3,000 students to our camps each summer.

Benefits of our English Summer Camps


Social interaction

Meeting and making new friends helps to develop a mutual respect and understanding for others. Being part of a diverse international community at camp, in mixed nationality sessions builds self-confidence in communicating in English with others.


Being Active

These programmes focus on students improving their English through being culturally integrated in a sociable and engaging environment taking part in some challenging activities, cultural excursions and interactive English lessons.


English Language

We do include optional English lessons however our lessons are nothing like school and spending time with native English speakers will improve your English beyond the classroom. Our ESL classes are informal, interactive and engaging, designed to be fun!


Cultural Immersion

What is better than sightseeing! Discover London, and explore lesser known English cities and towns. We can offer opportunities for CLIL  educational tours, personal development activities, educational immersion opportunities visiting local high schools, colleges or universities.