NSX Sport

Sports programmes and camps for both coaches and players

NSX Sport

Sports programmes and camps for both coaches and players

At NSX we love that every child is an individual, our team of hand-picked staff work hard to encourage and engage everyone to ensure they not only have a great time but they get the very best out of their experience, whether that be developing in an elite environment within a pre-season sports training camp or finding a new passion for water sport!

Welcome to NSX Sport



We pride ourselves on hosting sports tournaments that deliver an experience of the highest quality. We are offering a variety of events for 2022 with an expansion in our provision for 2023.



At NSX, we pride ourselves on delivering  football camps that meets the challenge of offering an excellent footballing experience, combined with developing general life skills, such as teamwork and leadership.


Coaching Conventions

Our sports  and football conventions are designed to give a unique insight into coaching methodology, academy environments and player development philosophies. Numerous coaches gather every year to learn, connect and share ideas.


NSX Events

Each staff member is trained and qualified to deliver a particular activity or sport, and they take great pride and responsibility in what they do, treating everyone at camp equally, cheering you on and helping you make friends!